Resident motorist making the switch to electric

NEW CREDIT — New Credit’s Clynt King has made the switch that many others are likely to follow when looking for a new car. He has given up on the combustion engine and is actively searching for a new, electric model.

The decision was made following a spontaneous combustion fire gutted his 2011 Dodge Caravan last month.

On the way home from picking his son up at Hagersville High School, when they smelt the faint odour of burning plastic but didn’t see any smoke. They just thought some smoke from a fireplace had drifted into the car and didn’t worry much about it. But when they got home, they could still smell the odour. 

“As soon as the van was parked at home, I thought, just to be safe, I better have a look in the back,” recalls King. “Within a few seconds of opening the liftgate a puff of thick black smoke come out from the interior panelling below the rear right window.”

 The fresh oxygen seems to have been just enough to ignite the fire inside the panelling and burst into smoke and flame. 

“As soon as I saw the smoke and felt the heat, I hollered out: ‘It’s on fire’.  

He then realized that the van was parked beside the house where the fire could quickly spread to the deck, then to the house.  

“I immediately closed the lift gate and drove it down the laneway away from the house,” says King. “When I got out, the rear interior was engulfed in flames.  This all happened within a few minutes of getting home.”

The incident was the last straw for King who had been considering an electric model anyhow and helped push King towards an electrically powered vehicle next.

But he is finding out that all electric cars are not created equal. Some businesses are getting ready for the electric car era by installing car chargers at some locations. Good idea, except that the industry is still looking for a standard electric hookup technology that will apply to all electric vehicles. According to King he has tried to charge up at one of these test Horton’s sites only to find that the make and model he was trying out, will not connect to Tim Horton’s new charging devices.

Oh well, I guess its back to the drawing board where a universal fitting for these new hybrid’s will be hopefully made universal to all brands.

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