Volunteering with the Ohsweken Demons

SIX NATIONS – Fans get a lot more with their Demons ticket than entrance to a great lacrosse game. A whole community of volunteers and supporters makes the magic happen – from before the game begins until the final buzzer, and sometimes, even beyond that.

Besides Jamie Knight, the Demons’ Manager of Marketing and Sales, and Jeff Ross, who handles the special promotions, there is also an army of volunteers and off-floor personnel in action at every home game.

Volunteers are what keep the Ohsweken Demons fans entertained from the time they arrive at the ILA until they leave after a great game of lacrosse. Jacob and Samantha Ross hand out Two Row Times to the fans at half time, sell 50/50 tickets and perform a myriad of other behind the scenes duties every game night. Photo by Jim Windle

“It takes a lot of work all week long to get ready for a Demons game,” says Ross. “There are a lot of dedicated people that spread the word and tell people this is a great game and a great arena to watch it in and bring your families, too.”
The promotion team sits down every week to brainstorm about what special promotional features to put in place for the next game.

“We put a lot of effort into it and I know the fans appreciate it,” says Knight.

“We could not do this without our volunteers,” Ross adds. “They are an integral part of what we do here.”

For Ross, it’s a family affair. Every game his wife, kids and their friends come to help out by running the 50/50, handing out the Two Row Times at half time, and a number of other duties. His son Jacob, daughter Samantha, and wife Nichole Ross can be seen buzzing around the arena, doing whatever needs to be done.

“It’s a great learning experience for the kids,” says Ross. “It builds character and helps them to understand the Six Nations culture at a young age.”

But they are not the only ones working on game night. Volunteer helpers are a huge part of what makes a night out with the Demons fun for the whole family.

Jamie Knight oversees the game off the floor and, with his communications headset, is in constant contact with the volunteers and staff to ensure things run smoothly and on time.

“The product on the floor we always know will be good,” says Knight, “so we’ve been working hard to fill the seats. We are lucky enough to have a lot of the businesses purchase tickets, which we distribute throughout the community.”

Proceeds from the sale of 50/50 tickets have gone to support the Six Nations Food Bank, the Jada Johnson family, the Haudenosaunee U-19 Girls team and more.

Then there is the half-time entertainment, which has spanned the gamut from a blue grass group to a Karate show.

Depending on the outcome of the semi-final game between the Barrie Blizzard and the Southwest Cyclops on Thursday night, there may be one more chance to enjoy a night out with the Demons this season.

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