Logan Staats headlining toy drive fundraiser at Sanderson Centre

BRANTFORD — In the evening of Friday, November 30, Six Nations own musical talent Logan Staats will be performing at the Sanderson Centre to collect toys for a toy drive that he has opened to help families of Six Nations and Brantford that are in need this holiday season.

Along with the opportunity to enjoy an awesome night of music, visitors are encouraged to bring toys for children and youth of any age to help in the effort. And while Staats has gained a lot of notoriety as an artist, he explained that he wanted to use it for good.

“It was almost a year ago that I played at the Sanderson Centre and we pretty much sold out,” said Staats. “That was the first time that that’s happened at the Sanderson Centre for a local artist in a really long time, so I wanted to take that momentum and that local support and use it for the advantage of our community somehow.”

This prompted Staats to select a toy drive, as he remarked that the realities of the holiday season for some families are oftentimes harsh.

“I know that it’s a very harsh and real reality that a lot of kids in our community don’t have the privilege of waking up to having a lot of toys this Christmas. So I figured, you know if I could put on a concert and I could combine music and charity, that it would just be a good thing and I couldn’t go wrong with it,” he said.

He remarked that performances have taken him all over Turtle Island and the itch to play on his “own stomping grounds” again as he hopes to connect with his local fan base.

A folk trio dubbed the Jeff Hudson Band will be opening for the evening and Staats will be performing with his full band, which he hasn’t done on home soil, rather than solo.

“This will give my local fans the opportunity to hear us full force, with my drummer and my bass player and guitar player. It’s really kind of a different show, so I’ll be giving the people something new in that regard,” he said.

Staats included that he has some new music to share and hopes that the event will be a success for the benefit of those in need this Christmas.

If you have any ideas in regards to where the toys should be sent, Staats is open to suggestion and you can reach out via his Facebook page.

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