Don’t do what Johnny Don’t does

Protocol – The do’s and don’ts of attending a pow-wow

• Cheer on the Dancers and Drums loudly!
• Laugh out loud when the Emcee says something funny.
• Take plenty of pictures at the appropriate times.
• Eat! It’s all tasty.
• Invite your friends and family to come. Enjoy the weekend!
• Shop! It’s all authentic.
• Talk with people. Introduce yourself. Socialize.
• Dance along during Intertribals.
• Turn in any piece of a person’s regalia you might find to a pow-wow volunteer.
• Check out Six Nations while you’re here. The Tourism Centre is across the street and the community is open for business all weekend.

• Show up drunk or high – you will be told to leave and it’s disrespectful.
• Show up in inappropriate clothing – this is a family event.
• Talk when Elders or Veterans are speaking at the microphone or during prayer.
• Cut through the dance arena or a person’s tent area as a shortcut.
• Walk into the dance arena to get a good picture.
• Touch a Dancer’s regalia or a Drummer’s drum/stick without permission.
• Take pictures or record Veterans, Elders, Dancers or Drums without their permission.
• Bring pets. Service animals however are permitted.
• Pick up an Eagle Feather that has fallen. Instead notify a pow-wow volunteer.

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