Six Nay Slang – Part Dekenih

I’m a rez girl. I don’t make any excuses for it, either. Rather, I embrace it and try to hone it as best I can to impart as much rez in my descendants as possible.

It’s my opinion that having rez culture is a blessing – similar to the biological midi-chlorians that make Jedi Knights so ace. The higher the concentration of midi-chlorians, the stronger the force is. Basically I want my grandchildren to be little Rez Jedi’s full of “rezi-chlorians.” That will make me a proud gramma.

Last year I put together a rez slang dictionary for those not from Six Nay to better understand my lingo. However, it was brought to my attention that I missed a lot. So, after much rez research I present to the rest of you rezbians and rez aficionados: Six Nay Slang – Part Dekenih.

Note: Six Nay Slang originates from reservation language speakers from many dialects and this language lesson only reflects one of those dialects.

Rez Hunger

  • [tweetable alt=””]J’eet yet? – Did you eat yet?[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Do-nits – Indian Donuts often made at Nu-Ya or sold in baggies at rez stores.[/tweetable] The good kind have raisins in them – but that is debatable.

Rez Accolades

  • [tweetable alt=””]Choice – The best (eg – Heck your Ma makes some choice do-nits!)[/tweetable]

Proper Rez Pronunciation of Common Goods

  • [tweetable alt=””]Melk – (sounds like felt) Milk[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Selt – (sounds like melt) Salt[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Cranes – Crayons. (especially if you’re from Oneida. Also, rarely, a Haudenosaunee clan animal.)[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Sick’ning – sickening. annoying.[/tweetable]

Rez Emphasis

  • [tweetable alt=””]Hehnt! – (sounds like hant) A non-emotional response issued in place of laughter[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Ehnt! – (said in a whining or aggravated tone) Stop[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Den – Then.[/tweetable] To be clear: proper use of the word ‘den’ can be used in a myriad of rez applications: to end a sentence with a question (Where we going den?) or to add emphasis and urgency (Let’s gooo den!) or simply sometimes to question someone. (So — what den?)
  • [tweetable alt=””]Bleht – Gross[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Right – Totally. Absolutely. Unequivocally. (eg: Heck them cranes are right sick’ning)[/tweetable]

Rez Nicknames

  • [tweetable alt=””]Gordy – Strange kind of fellow[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Studzy – Cool kind of fellow[/tweetable]

Rez Genders

  • [tweetable alt=””]Im – (sounds like eem) Him[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]‘Er – (sounds like grrr) Her[/tweetable]

Note: ‘Er and ‘im are not always specific to humans or mammals. (eg: when one loses control on the rez it is known as lost’er. Also, rolling your car in the ditch could be called rolld’er)

Rez Gossip

  • [tweetable alt=””]Ja’heer – Did you hear? Often used to ask if you heard the latest gossip on someone[/tweetable] (eg: Ja’heer Matty rolld’er on Seventh Line?)
  • [tweetable alt=””]Heard’ja – I heard about how you… Often used to tease someone about something they did.[/tweetable] (eg: Hey Matty! Heard’ja rolld’er down below!! Hehnt!)

Rez Fights

  • [tweetable alt=””]Scrap – Fight (eg: You gonna scrap him ‘den Studzy?)[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Work’d Ov’r – Beaten up[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Work’d Right Ov’r – Beaten up badly (eg: Holey heck Studzy! You work’d’im right over!)[/tweetable]
  • [tweetable alt=””]Tuned – Beaten up completely – (eg: Yep, Studzy! You right tuned ‘im!)[/tweetable]

If you have additions to the Rez Dictionary email me your suggestions/additions to

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