Sound used as a weapon?

Diplomats and Embassy workers in Havana, Cuba have fallen ill to a series of strange ailments that leaves them deaf and nauseous. Officials suspect they may have been the targets of some kind of secret sub-sonic weapon, employed by the Cuban Military.

The symptoms began in November of 2016, shortly after the US elected Donald Trump to be President. Shortly thereafter, 16 Embassy diplomats became ill.

President Obama was making headway in smoothing over relations with Cuba, which were severed following the Cuban Missiles Crisis of 1961. Trump is not as forgiving and is expected to refreeze relations with the island to the south of Florida.

American doctors were flown in to investigate the strange symptoms, which were now causing mild brain injury to many of them.

The suspected “sound attacks” stopped in the spring of 2017, but some have sustained permanent injury.

“The unique nature of the incidents has been a complicating factor in answering definitively many of the questions that have arisen,” a State Department spokesperson said on an interview with Vox Magazine published out of Yorkville University. “We do not know who or what is causing these incidents.”

U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson refers to the symptoms as a result of “health attacks”.

American investigators believe that the diplomats affected were attacked more than 50 times. There is no disclosure as to why they have come to that conclusion since they continue to investigate.

According to CNN, investigators haven’t determined the cause of the incidents, but US officials told CNN they are convinced someone has targeted American diplomats in Havana with a sophisticated device never deployed before, at least not against US personnel.

Cuba has denied any knowledge of the attacks or the suspected sound weapon.

Canadian diplomats have also been reporting similar symptoms resembling concussions.

The U.S. State Department has pulled its non-essential personnel from Cuba as a precaution.

Sound cannons, have been employed primarily to cargo ships and Cruise liners to fend off pirate attacks on the Indian Ocean. But this sound weapon is excruciatingly loud when focused on its target, yet nearly silent at the source.

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