Jacqueline House on the Cayuga Nation standoff

CAYUGA LAKE – Tensions are rising on the shores of Cayuga Lake, NY. A large police presence was visible in the community today after a brawl broke at Cayuga Nation gas station today. One person was reported injured, and over 20 police cars were present at the site according to local media.

A local cigarette manufacturing plant was also briefly occupied by community members in the context of an ongoing conflict internal to the nation.

In April of 2014, a group called the Unity Council took over a gas station near Union Springs and another one near Seneca Falls which were operated by Clint Halftown the nation’s federal representatives. Community members claimed that Halftown was using the profits from the community businesses for his own ends, and that his management practices were unfair.

Halftown has asked the courts to intervene but the judge ruled that it was an internal matter that had to be settled by the nation.

The Two Row Times interviewed Jaqueline House, a Cayuga Nation member living in Six Nations who was on the scene at Cayuga Lake today.

The Two Row Times is following the story as it breaks and will provide more interviews and reports in the days to follow.

This interview was conducted at around 7:30pm on Wednesday Sept. 17th, 2014.

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