Judge approves injunction for completion of Niagara Reinforcement Project

CALEDONIA — Superior Court Justice Elizabeth Sheard issued an injunction Tuesday evening, preventing the HCCC, HDI, 16 named individuals along with Jane Doe, John Doe and persons unnamed from obstructing work — both through physical means or intimidating workers on the completion of the Niagara Reinforcement Project power line.

The defendants appeared in court on Monday and told Justice Sheard they did not wish to participate in the proceedings and offer their sides of the story. The HCCC sent a runner to issue a message in Cayuga which he spoke aloud giving the judge a letter with its English translation.

On Wednesday afternoon a handful of people attended the roadway entering the NRP and attempted to halt A6N and Hydro workers returning to site. They were met with OPP and handed copies of the injunction.

Hydro One released a statement Wednesday evening:

“Hydro One is pleased that injunctive relief has been granted. Work must move forward on this project immediately to help ensure that this project is delivered on time to meet the needs of the electricity system and deliver millions of dollars in community benefits.  

“This project will deliver jobs and economic benefits for the people of the Six Nations of the Grand River and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations who will be 45% owners of the line once it is completed. Additional commercial opportunities are at risk if the project is not completed by September 1.

“If we cannot move forward, then millions will have been wasted on a project required to meet the needs of the electricity system and to continue to provide safe and reliable power to all Ontarians. If this project is not completed, another solution, and further investment, would be needed to ensure that need is met. These additional and unnecessary costs are likely to result in higher electricity charges for the people of Ontario.”

No statements were available from Six Nations or Mississaugas of the Credit yet.

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