Khill awaits bail decision Thursday

HAMILTON – The 26-year-old Glanbrook man charged with the second degree murder of Jonathan Styres finds out this Thursday whether or not he will be granted bail.

Peter Khill (pronounced Kay-Hill), attended a bail hearing on Friday, Feb. 12 with Ontario Superior Court Justice Jane Milanetti presiding. The trial went well into the afternoon and due to time constraints and intricacies of the case, Milanetti said that she would hold her decision until Feb. 18.

A publication ban prevents evidence from the Friday trial to be released.

Khill was charged and placed in custody on Feb. 4 for the shooting death of Styres, 29, of Ohsweken, outside his home in Glanbrook. Police reported that Khill found Styres attempting to steal his pickup truck from his driveway in the early morning and shot him. Styres was pronounced dead when EMT arrived.

Jim Vincelli, assistant Crown attorney is opposing bail for Khill, he declined to comment about the case outside of court.

Khill’s representative, Michael McArthur said outside of court the case will play out as a “classic self-defence, defence-of-property” scenario and said he feels good about the likelihood of securing Khill’s release.

Khill purchased the home where the incident took place last summer. He is a licensed millwright and engineer and has no previous record or history of criminal offence.

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