8 things to do for cheap in the local area during March Break

After nearly two years of COVID-19 highs and lows, parents and guardians should be pros at finding creative ways to educate and entertain kids, right? Just in case, here are eight free (or nearly free) things to do during March Break next week.

Visit one of Hamilton’s most popular waterfalls – The water trickles and falls into natural rock steps and shelves at one of Hamilton’s most popular waterfalls. Albion Falls has two observation decks that visitors can use to view the waterfall. The fastest and closest way to get to the waterfall is to park at the Mountain brow Boulevard parking lot. Source: flyswoop.com

Check out Chiefswood Park – Chiefswood Park in Ohsweken provides a unique getaway experience that teaches visitors about authentic Haudenosaunee culture while pampering guests with simple luxuries. Visitors have the freedom to create their own experience, whether it is guided cultural tours on land or water, a walkthrough of Chiefswood National Historic Site, engaging in environmental and archeological discoveries, or learning abut ancient artifacts. Source: chiefswoodpark.ca

Window shop (or actually shop) at some local craft stores – Six Nations is home to many great crafting and crafting supply stores. Most of the stores in the area have much more than beading and leather supplies — many also have clothes, art, literature, decals, jewelry and much more. Go visit your old favourite local shops or discovery a new one.

Appreciate some handiwork at the Quilt Junction – Are you, or do you have an aspiring quilter in your family? If yes, or if you just want to see some cool quilts, head over to the Quilt Junction in Waterford, just a short drive from Six Nations. Quilt Junction is a quaint fabric and quilt shop located in Waterford’s historic train station. They offer a wide variety of high-quality fabrics and quilt kits, as well as sewing notions, threads and quilting tools.

Fishing in Waterford – Ice off usually occurs late March or early April and a favourite species to target in the spring are yellow perch, sunfish, crappie (aka panfish) and northern pike. The three ponds at Waterford North Conservation Area are home to an array of fish species including largemouth bass, northern pike and a variety of panfish. Parking and access to the Waterford Heritage Trail, a section of the Trans Canada Trail is nearby. I think the parks are temporarily closed right now, so you didn’t hear it from me. Source: ontarioconservationareas.com

Kayak or canoe the Grand River – Spring can still be a little bit chilly but if you are down for it, and own a canoe or kayak, or have a friend with one, there are multiple launch points along the Grand River in the local area for you to start the season off with a good paddle!

Get into plants – Even though it might seem like its too late to get into plants, it’s not! There is an endless amount of information online to help new plant dads, moms, gays, theys, and whoever else, to get started. A few cheap and easy plants to get a hold of and maintain are; snake plant, spider plant, pathos, peace lily, zz plant, and tradescantia zebrina. Or go crazy and get a finicky, humidity-obsessed calathea right off the bat.

Bake bread – Everyone else learned how to make a sourdough bread starter during the pandemic. You might as well too.

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