A look back in time: CAW 2018

This year’s Community Awareness Week events are scheduled to take place from last Friday to Friday, May 31, which includes the Annual Bread and Cheese Day celebration taking place on Monday, May 20.

A statement written on behalf of the Six Nations Elected Council by Chief Ava Hill brought notice to the hard work and dedication put forth by the community as a whole to schedule and organize each year’s events.

“Our community has a rich history, with many successful businesses, helpful organizations and talented members. The events during Community Awareness Week provide an opportunity for the departments of Six Nations Elected Council, local businesses, schools and other organizations to showcase their many skills and to share their services with the community,” wrote Hill.

“I encourage you all to participate in these events; it is a step towards making our community a healthy and safe place to live. We would also like to acknowledge the Community Awareness Week Committee for all the hard work they have undertaken to organize the various events, as well as the departments, local businesses, schools and organizations who have taken the time to make arrangements for another successful Community Awareness Week.”

Last year the community was welcomed to take part in BBQ’s hosted by Jukasa Radio and the Six Nations Fire Department, open houses, fire works, work shops and so much more. This year, new additions to the schedule can be found online at http://www.sixnations.ca/2019CAWBooklet.pdf, which lists all of the upcoming events.

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