Alexander First Nation settles land claim

ALEXANDER FIRST NATION, TREATY SIX TERRITORY — A $7.5 million dollar agreement in compensation will settle the outstanding land claims for the Alexander First Nation.

There Alberta community accepted the settlement on a specific claim, concerning Canada’s management of the Alexander First Nation’s trust accounts – including certain expenditures made from those accounts, dating between 1905 to 1950.

“The Alexander First Nation commends Canada for their commitment to rectifying historic wrongs, including on our Trust Accounting Claim, and we look forward to advancing our relationship in a mutually respectful way as was intended under our sacred Treaty 6,” said Alexander First Nation Chief George Arcand Jr.

“The Government of Canada failed to manage some of these expenditures which were, upon review, found to be incorrect and are now being compensated to the First Nation,” said a statement about the settlement.

Canada will provide $7,470,269 in compensation to settle the claim.

The community filed its claim with the Federal Court in 2002, alleging Canada’s failure to properly manage the First Nation’s trust accounts.

In May 2013, the Alexander First Nation filed the claim with the Specific Claims Tribunal. Canada presented an offer to settle the claim on January 15, 2021.

On December 13, 2021, the Alexander First Nation held a ratification vote and 92.5 per cent of those who voted, voted in favour of the settlement.

Canada approved the final settlement on February 11, 2022.

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