Brant to wait for meeting with new SN council


BRANT — Public consultations with citizens of the Municipality of the County of Brant, has given Mayor Ron Eddie and his council a good feel for what the people want, regarding the turbulent negotiations between Brant and Brantford over a proposed land transfer that would involve 5,000 acres of the 7,000 acre Johnson Settlement lands, still under Six Nations land claim, removed from the control of the County and put under Brantford’s jurisdiction.

After receiving a letter of intent outlining what Brantford would propose regarding taxes and other costs, including compensation to the County, Mayor Eddy would not approve or disapprove of the proposal until after he heard from the community in two public meetings.

“It would not be fair to the people to have my mind made up before hearing their views on something as important of a matter like this,” he told the Expositor.

Brantford’s public meeting is yet to take place.

Mayor Eddy will be addressing his council with a report on Brantford’s letter of intent next week, however, he will be recommending that any decision on the issue will be deferred until he can arrange a meeting with Six Nations’ new council after its Dec. 3rd swearing in.

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