Buy some salve to support Standing Rock

dapl-2The staff at Herbal Lodge is against what is happening at Standing Rock and is joining with veterans of all the American armed forces to help send them to the front lines as peaceful protestors on the weekend of December 4th.

Herbal Lodge is a sustainable company who makes their products in small batches and in an ethical manner. You can help them send the veterans to Standing Rock by ordering some of their products online at The sale ends this Saturday, November 26.

When you order, Herbal Lodge is offering 15 per cent off of all their products and five per cent of your order will go towards helping the cause.
They sell several different kinds of items such as; salves; ointments; teas; creams; and more.

The veterans will help send a message to the world that what is happening is unacceptable. They will send a message that U.S. Veterans will not standby and let them hurt people as a military like police forced did this past Sunday when they badly injured a young woman who is currently under going surgery in Minneapolis to hopefully restore her arm.
Use code: nodapl

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