Chief Electoral Officer Steve Williams resigns

Steve Williams has submitted his resignation as the Chief Electoral Polling Officer for Six Nations of the Grand River elected council.

Williams handed his resignation in via letter on Mar. 23, 2023.

Williams faced some controversy in 2020, when Six Nations elected council, in a public letter, demanded he resign as the Six Nations Police Commissioner.

Elected Council later apologized for the letter and donated $10,000 to a charity of his choice.

Williams sued council and that case was dismissed on consent. No details about the agreement have been released to the public.

Williams was also asked to step down as CEPO after the 2019 election when an unsuccessful Councillor candidate sent a letter to the Six Nations Elections Appeals Committee calling for his removal.

Williams said in his resignation letter, “I have asked you three times to get an election code committee together, which never happen (sic).”

He continued, “Now I find on Facebook there is an election committee, who is being paid by Darrin Jamieson (council’s Senior Administrative Officer) on your behalf and who receives the reports. No one has contact (sic) me even though I am the Chief Election Polling Officer for my concerns.”

Williams said he has made up his mind, even though it appears elected council wants him to remain as CEPO.

“Please consider this my resignation, effective immediately. I do want to thank you for the opportunity to run the last few elections, which I enjoyed, and all the staff that helped me, including my deputy, Shirley Johnson.”

Johnson is elected council’s manager of central administration.

“I wish whoever you pick to replace me the best,” Williams wrote. “I have all paperwork on a drive stick which should make it easier. If that person needs help, please let me know. I would be happy to help.”

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