Coffee, donuts, and a big thank you delivered to Six Nations front-line workers

At Tim Hortons, ‘Always Fresh’ isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life. And that’s the same level of commitment the Ohsweken branch is making to its community.

The Tims For Good Truck visited Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services on August 9. Photo by Jace Koblun

Kim Porter, operations manager at both Ohsweken locations, was looking for a way the community could thank its frontline and essential workers for their tireless efforts during the pandemic. She organized for the Tims For Good Truck to deliver free coffee and baked goods to the Iroquois Lodge and Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services.

“Our elders are so important to our community and our children too. No one could visit their families during peak COVID and all the workers here were putting in so much overtime. Same as our firefighters and emergency services. We wanted to do this to show how much we really appreciate everything they did for our community during the pandemic and continue to do,” says Porter.

The Tims For Good Truck visited the Iroquois Lodge on August 9. Photo by Jace Koblun

She says the Tims For Good Truck started in January due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tim Horton’s has several different trucks that travel across the country saying thank you to front-line workers by giving them free coffee and baked goods donated by their local Tim Hortons.

“Danielle is the manager of the Ontario branch, and she is here with us today driving the trucks to each location. Every day she picks a different city to visit and to say that you to our front-line and essential workers,” says Porter.

Porter says she suggested the truck come to Ohsweken and is excited to see it here today.

“This is so good. I’m so excited and I feel so blessed that they’re here and you can tell the elders and workers love it. The elders made us all these beautiful signs to welcome us at the lodge,” says Porter, adding that the community deserves something like this. “Our community works very hard. And I wanted some recognition for our front-line and essential workers. That’s what it’s for.”

Landon Miller, owner of the Ohsweken Tim Hortons’, came to the delivery at Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services.

The generosity of Miller and the other 1,500 restaurant owners across Canada exemplifies the spirit of Tims For Good, a sustainability platform designed to promote continuous improvement at Tim Hortons.

The platform is inspired by the idea that even the smallest changes have the potential to make a big impact and that Tim Hortons, with its nearly 4,000 restaurants across Canada, can do a lot of good in all the communities it serves.

“We’re proud to be a part of virtually every community across Canada and recognize that given our scale, we have a responsibility and the privilege to contribute to building a more sustainable path forward for the country,” says Axel Schwan, president of Tim Hortons.

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