A day of prophecy and sharing

NEW CREDIT – Members of both New Credit and Six Nations wishing to hear prophetic ideologies, local crop circle information or sit down with a psychic reader gathered to enjoy an event at the New Credit Community Hall on Sunday, March 20.

Not only did the event offer spiritual connection and communal interconnection, guests were offered refreshments and the opportunity to participate in a silent auction. Along with four psychic readers, Troy Greene spoke about the potential and probabilities of dreams and prophecies.

“This information is supposed to be free and I don’t want to charge anything for it,” said Greene. “All I want to do is to give it freely, so that it empowers others. I hope it went good,” he said.

Shortly to follow was the information session surrounding the 1999 New Credit Crop Circles with Ken King, who offered several sheets of proof that the crop circles were not man-made.

But behind the scenes co-ordinator Valarie King explained that this was an event that was similar to some she had done before, but speakers and readers had separate events.

“I decided to amalgamate the two together,” said King. “But this is the first of the session, and the second will be on April 9, when Harry (Snowball) can come down from the Ottawa area,” she said, further stating that Wendy Hill will also be a speaker.

King explained that each of the aspects of the event coordinates with the belief that we as people are all interconnected with each other and the earth. But, her main objective was to create a sense of empowerment.

“The main thing is that I want our people to feel more empowered to who they are,” she said. “I want our people to flourish and be strong, instead of feeling like a victim to what has happened to our people. And empower ourselves because we have the knowledge, we have the tools, we have the resources and they’re right in our community,” she said.

With the promise of a powwow to be held in New Credit on June 21, King then mentioned that she does have some other plans in the midst.

“I think what I’m going to do next is host a conference to empower women more. Have women come together, and have women speaking,” she said. “I see that within the next couple of months.”

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