Demonstrator ordered to pay legal costs for developer

CAYUGA — Ontario Superior Court Justice RJ Harper says Skyler Williams must pay $168,000 in legal bills for Foxgate Development, in the developers successful bid for a permanent injunction on the McKenzie Meadows housing site.

Harper previously identified Skyler Williams of Six Nations the ‘leader’ of the occupations of the housing site and Haldimand County roads. Now he is ordered to pay $117,824.28 to Foxgate and another $50,349 to Haldimand County to cover their legal bills.

Permanent injunctions were issued by Harper on October 22, banning demonstrators from occupying the housing development site and blocking roadways in Haldimand County. Despite the ruling, the occupation and roadway blockades expanded after demonstrators stole heavy equipment and dug up McKenzie Road and Argyle Street South.

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