Election Code discussed at general meeting

SIX NATIONS – At Tuesday night’s Elected Council general meeting, Dorothy Russell-Patterson, an electoral officer for Six Nations, was asked to come discuss some possible changes to the election code.

She brought forward several different topics that she said she has heard the community talking about in terms of how elections on the committee should be handled — with one of them being that districts should be removed entirely from the process and that the community should vote for the top 12 candidates that they feel would represent the community best. It was suggested that councillors go to their districts and ask for the community’s opinion on the matter before a vote would be held.

Several councillors, including Bob Johnson felt that councillors should not have the right or authority to approach their districts on the issue at hand, and that the election code is a community document and should be handled by themselves only.

After some discussion, elected Chief Ava Hill suggested that Patterson organize community meetings and gather the community’s thought and opinions through those.

“The best thing to do is to organize community meetings and get the community’s input and then go through the proper administration,” said Ava.

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