Enforcement ordered against HDI lawyer for delinquent child support

SIX NATIONS — Lawyer Aaron Detlor is now facing legal pressure from the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) according to an anonymous source. who alleges Detlor is chronically and intentionally late with support payments for his son.

Recent FRO records obtained and presented to the TRT shows that a Default Hearing was ordered by FRO on December 21, 2016 and set for Wednesday, February 15, 2017 in Toronto. Detlor did not show up for that meeting and the judge issued a discretionary bench warrant but put it on hold, to be activated at the judge’s discretion should Detlor fail to appear at a rescheduled hearing date.

According to FRO policy, a Default Hearing is the most extreme method for enforcing child support arrears that is available to the FRO — it carries the possibility of the inclusion of a jail term of 180 days or up to six months if ‘sheltering’ is expected. A 30-page Case Activity FRO report on Detlor’s child support case, chronicles years of what the source calls, “abusive, neglectful and dangerously misguided and controlling behaviour”.

According to the source and documentary evidence TRT has received, “this on-going child support withholding pattern illustrates a total disregard for the rules of law; the unethical manipulation of a system that as a lawyer he is uniquely poised to exploit; and worst of all, the disregard for his own child’s well-being.” FRO previously suspended Detlor’s Ontario Driver’s License numerous times as the main enforcement action to recover Child Support monies owed according to a court ordered agreement registered with the FRO.

Official records with the FRO show Detlor made lump sum payments up to six months past due, and then only after enforcement actions had been initiated. The source says the FRO has also made a professional complaint about the case because Detlor is an Ontario lawyer licensed to practise as a barrister and solicitor in the province under the Law Society of Upper Canada. Detlor says he considers the FRO case a personal and private matter, however he offers, “it is untrue that there is any investigation before the Ontario Bar Association or that I am in arrears of any kind”, as he was asked in a text message.

Detlor was correct in his statement denying an investigation before the Ontario Bar Association — the complaint was made by the FRO to the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), not the Ontario Bar Association. According to their website, LSUC is the governing body of the legal profession serving in the public interest and the body that has licensed Detlor to practice law in Ontario.

Legislation passed by the Government of Ontario authorizes the Law Society to license Ontario’s lawyers and paralegals and regulate their conduct, competence and capacity.

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  1. Looks like someone didn’t engage in due diligence before associating themselves with this man.

    1. And what ‘due diligence’ can one do to reveal the carefully hidden psychopathic motivations in another? The answer would abolish Domestic Abuse entirely, so please share and solve the mystery that has baffled mental health professionals and victims alike. And should not the child be protected even if the mother chose poorly?

    2. try running a biz….. see what happens when you dont have the assets to deal with ups and downs of running one….. lawyers are service industry……
      you got to deal with hole in the boat….. stop for one month the hole will over take you…
      a divorce will kill your asset base that supported you for years…. that created values…
      go do the math….. just saying if you want the man to keep paying …. or your payments will die….. i want the house but pay the mortgage….
      if your going to get a divorce will your assets survive the long term payment system…
      gimme now,,,,,

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