Get to know Larry Brock, Conservative candidate for Brantford-Brant

Larry Brock has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo and a law degree from the University of Calgary. Since 2004 he has been the assistant crown attorney for Brant. Born and raised in Brantford, Larry and his wife Angela have twin, 12-year-old daughters. Along with being an active member of the Brantford Aquatic Club where his daughters swim, he has served the community with many volunteer organizations. Two Row Times caught up with Brock this week to talk about his platform.

TRT – Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
Brock – I was born and raised in Brantford and still live here. I went to the University of Waterloo for my undergrad. And I also went to the University of Calgary for law school. Apart from those two education excursions, I’ve lived my whole life and have practiced law in the city.

TRT – What unique skills do you have for the job?
Brock – Leadership. Fierce advocacy. Humility. As a crown attorney, you have to exhibit strong advocacy strengths in representing your community. To hold offenders accountable. To ensure that you advocate for an appropriate sentence, but you also have to be mindful of an individual’s rehabilitation. As crown attorney, in each and every case I prosecute I try to temper my advocacy with humility and compassion. I try to enforce that everyone is redeemable. Everyone has good qualities.

Over the last 30 years as a practicing lawyer, last 18 as crown attorney, I have had numerous opportunities to display leadership within my office and the ministry of the attorney general. I have led various initiatives to improve access to justice displayed within the office and in Indigenous courts. I’ve been one of two crown attorneys over the last eight years who have made a difference in the lives of Indigenous offenders.

TRT – How would you describe the Conservative party in only a few sentences?
Brock – I think a summary of where we stand as the Conservative party is as follows: Erin O’Toole and Canada’s conservatives are the only alternatives to secure Canada’s future. Restore competency. Embrace transparency and accountability to the government. And ensure Canada is never unprepared for a crisis again. With our recovery plan, we will secure jobs, revive historic health initiatives, and secure Canada’s economic future.

TRT – How have you been using social media on your campaign?
Brock – We have primarily used Facebook. Have not been involved much on Instagram or Twitter, but social media, in general, has most assuredly changed the nature of campaigning. It provides an immediate approach and advertisement to all followers. Also, we do not limit our Facebook page in any way. We open it up and have had it opened up for the entire campaign. It enables people to stay on top of my events. On top of key messaging from the party. And we have talking points that come up two to three times a day that is populated on social media. Social media has broken down traditional barriers of campaigning.

TRT – What is your comfort level dealing with tough issues?
Brock – Given my background as a lawyer for 30 years, crown attorney for 18, I tackle difficult and heart-wrenching decisions on a daily basis. There isn’t a day that goes by in my criminal practice as a prosecutor that I don’t have difficult decisions to make and exercise courage in making the appropriate decisions. I’ve never shied away from a challenge.

TRT – When did you become interested in politics?
Brock – Goes back to my university days. I majored in political science in university and in high school, I tried to engage in student council. I realized we live in a wonderful democracy that gives everyone the opportunity to engage in the process, whether at a student level, or municipality, or provincial, or even federally. I’ve always had that interest and I honed those skills in university. It wasn’t until I was an adult and graduated from law school that I really got active in politics.

TRT – Why is running in this election the right thing for you to do right now?
Brock – I feel I have reached sort of the pinnacle of my legal career. I could easily see myself continuing on as crown attorney for potentially another eight to 10 years. But I’ve always had this underlying feeling as crown attorney you are sort of suspended in the ability to really advocate for real change and reforms in the lives of citizens. I felt what better way to tackle and make a change in this riding than to be an instrument of that change.

TRT – What are your top three areas of focus?
Brock – I want to actually give true meaning to the concept of nation-to-nation sharing and an economic union with our Indigenous neighbours. Secondly, there is a significant uptake of crime in this community. Which can be derived from an influx of narcotics into this city. A recent statistic says that every single day 14 people in this country are dying from opioid overdoses. And that number has increased during the pandemic in the last 18 months. Not a day goes by I’m sure that Brantford Police, Six Nations Police, or the OPP are not dealing with calls for service of overdoses. We need to tackle the root causes of addiction, and start to deal with crime, illegal gun issues, gang issues. I want to make my community safe again. I want those in Brantford downtown to feel safe again. We also need to deal with the housing issues. Those are areas of focus I feel very strongly about.

TRT – What would your areas of focus be on Six Nations?
Brock – One of the biggest concerns I have is the lack of commitment that our current government has had with respect to its promise to end all boil water advisories. Although Six Nations never had a designated boil water advisory, it probably came pretty damn close. The fact that such a large percentage of the Six Nations population is not served by the water treatment facility is inexcusable. Back in 2015 or 2016, there was a study done to determine the cost of water mains to be built to cover all the residents and businesses of Six Nations, and it is only $120 million. When you take a look at what the government is wastefully spending on, it’s not including its commitment to water. It’s a commitment of mine to get shovels in the ground promptly on that issue.

We believe that potable, suitable, drinking water is not a luxury but an absolute human right. We also want to put some teeth into getting some action done on some of these historically decades-old land claim disputes. We have to walk the walk and deal with these issues to provide some answers and certainty for the Six Nations community and adjoining communities.

TRT – Why is it important for young people to care about politics and political parties?
Brock – Youth are the future generation and youth are going to inherit Mother Earth. And are going to inherit a country whose decisions right now are more critical than ever. Do you want a country that is embarking on a socialist agenda, that provides pretty much full government control over our assets, over our economy? Do you want to see yourself taxed to the highest degree? Do you want more of the same unethical government that makes undelivered promises? Or do you want a government that provides a secure future?

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