Increase in deer collisions, OPP says

HALDIMAND COUNTY – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Haldimand County Detachment would like to remind motorists that during the fall season, many deer wander near and across roadways causing traffic hazards for travellers.

The OPP is reporting collisions involving vehicles and deer increase during the fall season and motorists need to be cautious and aware as they travel.

OPP is suggesting the following practices and tips for motorists:

  • Veering for deer can end fatally
  • Early morning/evening – high deer impact times
  • Use high beam lights whenever possible for better visibility
  • Scan ditches and horizons for deer
  • Deer often travel in herds. Where there is one, there are likely more
  • Don’t turn aggressively – controlled braking only!
  • If you see a deer warning sign – slow down!


Always be alert and 100 per cent focused on driving. It will help save your life.

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