My Indian Residential School Days

In the wake of reconciliation; the stories of the survivors that were once children living within the walls of Canada’s residential schools have begun to inspire authors as a catalyst for fictional works.

Of these works includes a novel written by Mohawk author Terrance M. Hill, who collaborated a book titled My Indian Residential School Days. The novel was inspired by Hill’s interactions with many of his relatives that attended the schools, and he collaborated with photographer’s Joe Froman and E. Hill.

“I was inspired to write this story through some of their experiences and stories I heard through the years,” wrote Hill.

The novel circles around eight-year-old Jerry Longhorn, who was unexpectedly taken to one of Canada’s “most notorious” residential schools. In his first days at the school he experiences abuse from teachers, other students and even the principal. Longhorn also reunites with relatives and makes friends along the way, as they band together to survive.

The book is available on Apollo Market Place and Goodreads online if you’d like to check it out.

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