Inquiry into in-custody death of Six Nations man set to begin

BRANTFORD Following an earlier false start, the inquest into the death of 33-year-old Robert Clause while in custody March 4th, 2011 at the Brantford Jail will begin October 27th. Clause was arrested in Hamilton when a 2010 drug deal went bad. He was charged for allegedly bludgeoning Deven Anthony Gayle to death.

Originally the inquest was to be held in Hamilton in 2012, but new information about the case came to light following the death of a key witness.

Following the murder, Clause and Tara Carisa Baker, Gayle’s girlfriend at the time, stuffed Gayle’s body into a car and began looking around Brantford and Six Nations for a place to dispose of the corpse, eventually dumping Gayle into the Grand River in Brantford.

Clause and Baker were arrested weeks later – Clause for first degree murder and Baker as an accessory after the fact. Baker pled guilty and was given two years less a day in jail.

More than 27 witnesses will be called to the stand to testify in the inquest, which is mandatory when a person dies while in custody. The inquiry will be held at the 70 Wellington Street Superior Court House in Brantford.

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