Iroquois Caucus address the Dakota Access Pipeline

SIX NATIONS – The Iroquois Caucus has met on several occasions recently to discuss their unanimous opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline project. The following is a statement released by the Iroquois Caucus last week:

The Iroquois Caucus, made up of elected leadership from Akwesahsne, Kahnawa:ke, Kanesatake, Oneida Nation of the Thames, Six Nations of the Grand River, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and Wahta Mohawks, are unanimous in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

Throughout Turtle Island, Indigenous Peoples have always had the responsibility to safeguard their territories, its peoples and its cultures for future generations. Notwithstanding any economic benefits, we have serious concerns with respect to the devastation and long term effects that a spill from pipelines can have on the lands and waters, our way of life and cultures and sacred and traditional burial grounds.

The Iroquois Caucus supports the people from the Standing Rock Sioux territory who stand in opposition to this oil pipeline. The Iroquois Caucus encourages the people of Standing Rock Sioux to remain steadfast in their fight to protect their sacred lands. The Iroquois Caucus will be sending a delegation to Standing Rock.

The recent media reports of private security using aggressive tactics against to Protectors are reprehensible in a country that holds in high esteem the constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly. The Iroquois Caucus urges all parties to enter into respectable discussions to resolve this issue and address Indigenous Peoples concerns.

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