J.C. Hill valedictorian talks school and how to succeed

OHSWEKEN – Years of hard work and studying, or just being naturally gifted at his studies, has paid off for Isaac (Ike) Squire-Hill. J.C. Hill’s 2017 valedictorian.

“One thing I really like about J.C. Hill is that you can tell the teachers care a lot about the students and want to see you succeed,” said 14-year-old Ike from Six Nations.

The school held its Grade 8 graduation and awards ceremony last week on June 22 where several students, including Miss Teen Six Nations Shailee Sandy who took home several awards as well, were celebrated for their successes throughout their time at the school.

Ike has good attendance at the school and finished the year with an 82.75 per cent overall average in his classes. Ike took home the Math Award for his class, a Language Arts Award, a Science Award, a History award, and made it into Club 80.

“I’m really proud of my brother,” said Ike’s sister Tiffany Thomas. “He didn’t quite get as many awards as me when I graduated [laughs] but I’m still super proud of him.”

Ike said he has a lot of good memories from J.C. Hill, but one of his favourites was graduating this past week. He thanks his family for getting him to school and helping him be there on time. Ike’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Hill, was his favourite teacher.

“He was really funny,” said Ike. “And he taught math differently than other teachers have in the past. He really breaks it down for you step-by-step and that really helps.”

As much as he enjoyed his time at J.C. Hill, Ike said he wishes it didn’t start so early. If he could change any one rule at school, it would be to allow students to wear hats.

“Yeah you can’t wear hats and I really wish you could,” he said.

Ike excels in a lot of sports, especially lacrosse, and currently plays in the Ontario Lacrosse League (OLA) on the Six Nations Warriors.

The school helps students get most of their work done in class opposed to assigning a lot of homework, which Ike really appreciated and said helped him stay motivated.

“It’s not hard to get and maintain good grades,” he said. “Show up, do the work, listen, and have a good attitude.”

Ike is not sure what he wants to do or study after high school but he knows he has time to decide.

“Not too sure what I would want to be yet. There’s a lot of options out there I just haven’t really thought about it yet.”


The Two Row Times congratulates all students who graduated and completed programs on or off the territory this year.






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