Kearns disintegrator at center of controversy

SIX NATIONS – It has not been an easy ride for disintegrator inventor John Kearns in recent months. His design for the clean and safe elimination of garbage is in the middle of its trial run before the Elected Band Council decides whether or not to close the deal made with Kearns. 

But there are some within the community, including some District Councillors, who have not agreed with some of Kearns’ explanations for some of their concerns, which have been published locally.

Derek Sandy led a small group who came to shut down the Kearns unit Saturday morning. Sandy told the Two Row Times that he went to Kearns because a friend of his lives near the unit and told him that he could smell the garbage burning. Sandy also said there was another person – two concessions away – that can smell it too.

Sandy said that they told him that they have seen black clouds of smoke over the machine and are concerned why the unit, which claims to be emissions free, is creating emissions.

Kearns tried to explain how the unit works, as he has explained to the Elected Band Council and anyone else who asks. For his disintegrator to work to efficiency, it has to be heated to a temperature of at least 2,200 degrees.
To get it up to that temperature after a shut down, he has to burn wood or any other flammable agents until the temperature reaches its maximum efficiency range. During that time, there very well could be some emissions.
This is no surprise, according to Kearns.

When Sandy and his group of half a dozen Six Nations men came to the site to order the Nova Scotian inventor to shut the unit down, Kearns refused to do so explaining to the men that it isn’t that simple, just to turn off a unit with a running temperature of more than 2000 degrees without seriously damaging the multi-million dollar unit or even causing an explosion.

Sandy told TRT that when he and the others arrived Saturday, it was emitting smoke, but Kearns vehemently denies that.

“It was working like a charm, at a temperature of 2,330 degrees and was burning as clean as a whistle,” he said. “If that is what they told you, they were lying.”

Kearns does not want to spend his time dealing with untruths and misunderstandings and says he would rather not respond and just stay on target and let the machine prove itself on its own merits.

Sandy and a couple of other men then left. Others of the group had already left by this time. Kearns did shut down later that day as he planned to do anyway since the landfill is not open Sundays.

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