Language commission asks for community input

The Six Nations Language Commission is asking the community for input on what it would like to see more of from the organization. A booth was set up in front of the Oneida Business Park on May 24 during Community Awareness 2022. Staff handed out a swag bag, water, the chance to enter your name in a raffle for prizes, and a questionnaire that you could fill out anonymously.

Six Nations Language Commission’s Community Awareness 2022 questionnaire. Photo by Jace Koblun

The questionnaire had three questions to be filled out that were all aimed at helping the Commission help the community including; What language would you want to learn? Would you like to see more language around the community? And how important is language to you?

“We’re going to use this anonymous questionnaire to help us plan more ways for the community to engage in language,” said one of the Commission’s representatives on Monday. “We really appreciate everyone who made it out to our stand today.”

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