When life throws rocks at you, make lemonade donuts

HAMILTON – Monster Donuts, one of several businesses affected by vandals in early March, responded with a tongue-in-cheek donut summing up how they feel about the incident; when life throws rocks at you, make a lemonade donut sprinkled with broken sugar shards.

In response to the self-appointed group “The Ungovernables’” vandalism, Monster Donuts made a lemonade-flavoured donut with small sugar shards to represent the windows the vandals broke during the raid on Locke.

All proceeds from the special donut were donated to InDwell, a Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness and belonging.

“We are trying to direct those funds and that support into organizations that are making positive change in our city,” said Reuben Vanderkwaak, Donut Monster.

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