Local author now on Amazon

Local author Cindy Martin says she was excited to release a book titled ‘The Protector of Peace‘ for purchase on the Amazon website. Cindy released her 45-page children’s book on June 1, 2022, with five-star ratings.

“I just want to mention that award-winning Jesse Wente and Solo Green supported the book,” said Cindy over social media.

The book is available in paperback and is $19.99

“Once a year, the Haudenosaunee people gather to listen to the Elders share stories of how the journey of the Peace Maker brought peace to their nations. The Protector of Peace is a small story within the Peace Maker’s journey.”

One of the reviews raved about Cindy’s book, “This is a beautifully written Indigenous children’s book. It reflects on parenthood and the story of the Peacemaker in Haudenosaunee culture. I grabbed a copy for me to read to my child, and another as a gift for my extended family. Totally worth it! :)”

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