Local coronavirus data shows young adults have nearly four times the infection rate of seniors

HAMILTON — Statistics from surrounding communities shows COVID-19 infection rates among adults between the ages of 20-64 quadruple the rate of infection among the elderly.

Data from Hamilton and Halton Region released by public health units show the infection is must more prevalent in younger adults than in the elderly.

In Halton there were 46 cases in adults 20-44 while there were 83 cases in adults 45-64. In the same city just 23 cases were reported among adults 65-79 and 14 cases in adults 80 and older.

In Hamilton there were 59 confirmed coronavirus cases in adults 20-44 and 60 cases in adults from 45-64. That is double the rate of infections in adults aged 65-79 at 30 confirmed cases and nearly four times the number of adults aged 80 and over with just 15 confirmed cases in that age group.

Provincial data released last week shows that infections in the 80+ age group have a higher case fatality ratio – nearly 16% of all cases. Among young adults aged 20-39 that case fatality ratio is 0% and aged 40-59 it is 0.6% and at 60-79 it is 2.9%.

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