Looking forward: how coronavirus will affect the next few months

OHSWEKEN — With just a few weeks left until Six Nations businesses normally holds community-wide festivities to celebrate Community Awareness Month, Six Nations leadership are not making the call to cancel those events just yet.

Bread and Cheese

The yearly Victoria Day Parade and Bread and Cheese Day festival are hanging in the balance and may be postponed due to the pandemic crisis.

“It is extremely difficult to project pandemic times,” says SNGR in an emailed statement to TRT. “If the spread of the virus continues to increase it is probable that community events may be postponed. Updates on community events re forthcoming.”

SNGR says they are monitoring the situation and heeding recommendations from the Emergency Control Group on how to proceed.

School closures

Other key issues facing the future of the community’s day-to-day events are also up in the air. No decision has been made regarding an extension of Six Nations school closures though Ontario schools have extended closures through to May. SNGR says the discussions are now underway and an update will be forthcoming.

Council meetings

Regular SNGR Council meetings continue to carry on via Zoom video conference. Anyone wishing to tune in virtually can contact 519-445-2205 ext 3233 for details on how to tune-in to the open sessions.

Local business support

No financial aid aimed specifically at Six Nations businesses has been announced yet. However SNGR published a list of federal and provincial programs that may be accessed by community members in need, including Canada’s Emergency Response Benefit. Anyone who has lost their job, been quarantined, or is taking care of someone who is sick – or parents who must stay home to care for children – can access that benefit.

Border Crossing

SNGR says that band members who rely on the Jay Treaty to cross the border for work or ceremony should not be prohibited from crossing the border at this time. However, that could change from day-to-day.

“It is strongly advised that everyone monitor this situation daily as things evolve and reassess the need for travel,” said SNGR.


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