Mississaugas of the Credit work with online voting

MISSISSAUGAS OF THE CREDIT — Chief Stacey Laforme of Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations says his community will rely on digital voting in a new partnership with One Feather.

In a statment, Laforme says the partnership will ensure all MCFN members can be engaged on important decisions for the community moving forward.

Test communications for band members who have their email address registered with the band office will be sent out this week. Anyone wishing to be added to the registry can contact council’s administration to be included.

Lawrence Lews, founder of One Feather, says their systems utilize important technology to allow band members to participate in online voting while protecting digital identity and personal data.

The company has 50 years of experience in elections management within First Nations and are considered leaders in the field. OneFeather has also implemented online voting with Six Nations of the Grand River.

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