Native Horizons loses half of facility to fire

MISSISSAUGA’S OF THE NEW CREDIT FIRST NATION — On December 14, the administrative section of the Native Horizons Treatment Centre reportedly caught fire in the early morning.

The fire was doused and controlled by Haldimand County Fire and Six Nations Fire and Emergency Services, who remained on scene to provide mutual aid assistance.

As pieces of office continued to smoulder later into the day, staff of the centre said that the authorities believe the fire was started by an electrical disturbance rather than arson. It was also said that the clients of the centre had luckily graduated the day before, after their ceremony date was rescheduled to the day ahead.

Many staff members kept personal belongings of great importance within the section and will be able to sift through the rubble to find remnants of their items after further investigation of the buildings structural condition.

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