New logo for old New Credit

MISSISSAUGAS OF THE CREDIT — The community formerly known as New Credit has launched a logo contest, open to band members, looking for a new logo.

MCFN Governance Team says they are seeking someone with art or graphic design skills to submit a proposed design.

According to the MCFN website only band members of the community can enter and the team is looking for the new logo to reflect specific values.

The Governance team says the new logo should represent what governance means. “Governance is how a group of people within society organize themselves. The right to born and operate as a government on your own; to not have to report back to Canada on programs, services, and funding; to be able to fund ourselves; to have control over how our land and water is used and to benefit from those who use our land and waters.”

The contest rules are also seeking to include one consistent message in the new design: freedom.

“The logo should not only represent Governance but should also represent MCFN’s freedom. Freedom from the Indian Act, the freedom to enact our own laws, regulations and rules, the freedom to make our own decision without needing the government of Canada’s permission…the freedom to determine our future with rules and regulations we have chosen for ourselves.”

The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2019. Winners will be announced during the first week of March. For further inquires contact 905-768-4260 or

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