New Personal Services Support Worker program at Polytechnic

SIX NATIONS – Representatives from various educational program partners met at Six Nations Polytechnic to discuss, amongst other things, the new funding being made available for this coming January’s enrolment in the Personal Services Support Worker program.

Michelle Thomas, Student Success Officer at Six Nations Polytechnic, along with Lacey Hill, Access and Student Recruitment Coordinator, Aboriginal Education and Student Services, Dianne Van Meeteren, coordinator for personal support workers working out of Hamilton and Brantford, and Theresa Bain, admissions advisor at Mohawk College Hamilton were busy hammering out the details of the newly funded program.

As of January 2014, qualifying Aboriginal students will receive one of 14 positions in the program with the costs of full tuition covered through a grant. Interested parties should enroll as early as possible since they spots are on a first come/first served basis.

“One of our main objectives is to fill this 8 month program but any applicant for the grant must be status, however the program itself is open to all, Native and non-Native students wishing to enter into that field of work,” says Thomas.

Lacey Hill recommends that any potential student needs to begin the process by December to ensure a place if they are hoping for one of the 14 funding grants.

“There are 14 funding spots open at the moment, but after they are filled, a student can still apply through OSAP for funding,” says Hill. Would be students can apply through Michelle Thomas at  HYPERLINK “” or by calling her at 519-445-0023.

Once their application is screened, they will have to go through and make sure that they have the requirements to be eligible for the grants. They need to have their Grade 12, with college or university English and Grade 10 math.

They also take applications from mature students. “That’s a bonus for us,” says Thomas, “because there are a lot of people who are changing careers and starting families, and want to get back into something, so mature students are always an option for us.”

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