November 11th – Remembrance Day Honouring Tribute

By Rope Loft

On this Day, November 11th, in the year of our Creator 2016, let us embrace the moment of Remembrance to all our Native Ancestors. We the Native to the continent of North America cannot forget what our people have accomplished throughout history!

We cannot change the events that occurred, but what we can do is reflect and learn from the past so we the people of today can proceed to move forward to give our upcoming generations a voice to be heard as our Ancestors have done with us.

So as we gaze to the West as the day ends and the sun fades — let us commemorate all those who gave their lives for Freedom. To rise once again from the East as the sun rises on a new day to shine upon us as we feel their Glory, knowing they served, fought and died to be free as the wind blowing across the land from ocean to ocean.

Let our words and prayers reflect on all who engaged with pride, dignity and self-reliance for a country we are proud to call home!

May this Day go down in history as the day we honour our beloved Ancestors who contributed and sacrificed to the world struggles of conflicts. We stand here today to salute those Immortals who we can proudly look upon with pride — and may we the Six Nations Iroquois rise once again to come together as one Confederacy to rebuild, reshape and reintroduce our nationality as to who and what we the Native people of the continent of North America fought for!

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