Public Health needs help with contact tracing

OHSWEKEN — Six Nations Public Health officials are asking members of the community to do their part in protecting everybody’s health by keeping track of where they have been and who they have been in contact with.

Contact tracing is proven to be one of the most effective ways of identifying and containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus in any community. The process involves retracing the steps of a person who is or may be infected to determine the people they have come into contact with.

Ohsweken Public Health (OPH) officials say contact tracing is most effective when they can trace the whereabouts and interactions of a person over the 14 days before they were infected.

“In tracing people’s steps,  we want to ensure that those who may have been exposed to the virus are aware of that fact and encourage them to come in for testing,” says Lori Davis Hill.

She is reminding people that all the information they gather is confidential and can quite possibly save lives.

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