Report from Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council

A small delegation of Algonquin visitors was before the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council’s monthly meeting over the weekend to deliver an offer of invitation. Sacred Messenger to the Algonquin and Grandmother to the People, Shannon Chief spoke to the Confederacy Chiefs at the meeting which took place at dagegageh ganohse:s (Onondaga longhouse). She said, “my spirit name is White Polar Bear woman and I am Wolf clan. I am here to present an invitational wampum to you (the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council).” Chief who is from unceded Algonquin territory has asked the HCCC to send representatives to a council meeting which is taking place July 26 on the Kitigan Zibi First Nation, near Maniwaki, Quebec. “The purpose of the invitation is to sit down together and look at our history. We want to look at the historical connection between my people and your people and to understand what really happened. As Anishinabe people, we want to create a history book so we can teach it to our children,” stated Chief. 

Chief explained, “We are all losing the use of our language and that is what identifies who we are as a people. So we come here to propose a meeting with you. We want to sit down and talk and figure out the process of communication between my people and yours.”

Chief described a dream she had before she made the journey to Six Nations, “People came together in my dream. There was no anger. Your people were on one side and my people were on the other side and all the (wampum) belts were together.”

It was discovered however that this proposed meeting in Kitigan Zibi is taking place on the same day as the Grand Council meeting but the HCCC did agree to send at least one person to Kitigan Zibi to attend the meeting, “We will send someone who is very knowledgeable,” HCCC Secretary Leroy ‘Jock’ Hill told Chief, “We have two people in mind but neither of them are here today, Rick Hill being one. We will see if he’s available to go and someone will likely go with him.” Hill told the three woman delegation, “We’re looking for the same thing as you and that is to help our people. We wish you safe travel and strength for your people.”

In other business at the council, Mohawk Chief Allan McNaughton announced to the Chiefs that he was contacted by senior provincial negotiator Tom Malloy regarding Kanonhstaton. “Tom Malloy contacted me and wants to enter into discussions with the HCCC. I told him he had to talk to Jock Hill.”

“They did try and contact me,” stated Hill. “I think we ought to pay attention to what they are doing and not take this lightly.”
After the Chiefs discussed this amongst their nations, Hill stood up and stated, “Council has agreed. We need to work with HDI (Haudenosaunee Development Institute) and let them know where we stand regarding the situation that is escalating in Caledonia. We will meet Monday or Tuesday and they (Indian Affairs) want to meet Wednesday.

Coincidentally, on the same day, known antagonist Gary McHale was in Caledonia instigating yet another confrontation between his group and natives, along with their non-Native supporters.

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