Two Row Understanding through Education

BRANTFORD – Two Row Times’ publisher Jonathan Garlow has been moon-lighting as a teacher of Haundenosaunee history to a group of Brantford young people over the past few weeks.

The group is represented by Chris Ulysse, Pastor of Brantford’s New City Church on 190 Lynden Road. Every Friday, Garlow spends a few hours with a group of non-Native young people who have dedicated themselves to trying to understand Six Nations and its people better. The group of about 10 young adults has called itself, “The Two Row Revivalists.”

Jonathan and I have been talking about this for about four years,” says Pastor Ulysse.

He reports that the students involved are excited and have been sharing the information they have been learning with their friends and families.

“Native issues are becoming the paramount issue facing Canada and the church,” says Ulysse.

Out of the experience, Garlow hopes to pull together an actual six week curriculum which can be made available to similar non-Native groups to learn some of the basic history culture and present day realities facing Onkwehon:we youth today.

“There seems to be a fascination with some young people about Six Nations history,” says Garlow. “They really want to understand. It just feels right after each session. They are really interested and are respectful. It’s like they feel in a safe place to ask these questions and to learn.”

Garlow is happy to give of his time and knowledge where and whenever he can.

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