Save the Evidence campaign almost at Phase 2

BRANTFORD – Following the completion of the exterior renovations, Phase 1 of restoring the Mohawk Institute in Brantford is wrapping up.

“Phase one included the roof, porch, pillars — the overall facade of the old building,” said Carlie Myke, outreach co-ordinator of the Woodland Cultural Centre. “The building is being restored to how it was built in 1904.”

Myke said there are three phases to the project. Phase 2 will consist of upgrading the mechanical infrastructure of the old building.

“Next up is the mechanical systems; heating, cooling, vents, those kinds of things. None of these have bene updated since the 1940s or ‘50s,” said Myke.
Phase 3 will revolve more around how the centre is going to use the new space and updated building.

“That’s when we decide on what curriculum based programming we will include, layout of the building, how we use the space,” said Myke.

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