Shots fired in Brantford business, one arrested

BRANTFORD — Police say 22 year old man from Bradford is under arrest and facing a long list of drug and weapons charges after he fired a weapon in a local business.

Officers were initially called about a car theft by a victim who loaned the suspect their vehicle. When the car was not returned to its owner they contacted police. Police observed the vehicle on King Street and attempted to make a traffic stop. The driver fled on foot when being approached by officers.

Brantford Police say officers pursued the suspect on foot into a local business where the suspect fired a semi-automatic handgun in the bathroom and attempted to flee again. He was apprehended and arrested.

While he was being taken into custody investigators uncovered a large amount of money and a knife. A backpack the suspect was carrying in the stolen vehicle was found and filled with a total value of $26,000 in street drugs including crack cocaine, methamphetamine, percocets and approximately $15,500 in fentanyl powder.

Shaun Austin Krawiec, a 22 year old Bradford male is charged an extensive list of drug and weapons charges. He was held for a bail hearing.

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