Six Nations Bingo donates almost 800k to local non-profits

SIX NATIONS – Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation (SNGRDC) and Six Nations Bingo announced their $795,378 contribution to the Six Nations Sponsorship Program for the 2017 calendar year.

Six Nations Bingo has been donating 40 per cent of their annual net profits to the Six Nations Sponsorship Program since a permanent bingo facility was constructed.

In May 2015, the management of Six Nations Bingo was transferred to SNGRDC who continues to support the Sponsorship Program through annual contributions. This year, Six Nations Bingo was able to increase its contribution by 22 per cent over last year’s contribution. This increase, was in part, a result of the introduction of the new 24 Ball Virtual Bingo game, which can be played by patrons over the age of 18 anytime during regular bingo hours.

The Six Nations Sponsorship Program supports more than 30 local non-profit organizations and initiatives each year, with priority given to minor sports teams. The program emerged after a group of community members and volunteers began hosting weekly bingo games in the old Community Hall more than 40 years ago, as a means to raise funds for minor sports teams. Now, the sponsorship program is run the by the Six Nations Gaming Commission and fuelled by annual contribution by Six Nations Bingo.

At the beginning of each year, a projected contribution is announced to the sponsorship program in order for them to begin dispersing funds. Once SNGRDC annual audit is completed, a final total is announced and additional funds are made available to the program. In 2016, the estimated contribution was $583,000, however due to a successful fourth quarter the contribution total rose to $649,411.

Teams and organizations can apply to the Six Nations Sponsorship Program by contacting Six Nations Gaming Commission directly at or (905)-765-1490.

In 2016 and 2017, the Six Nations Sponsorship Program supported the following organizations:


Park No. 3

Minor Ball SN

Agricultural Society SN

Minor Hockey SN

Arrows Association SN

Minor Lacrosse SN

Brantford Minor Softball Allstar Softball


Briers Basketball

OMSK Home & School

Childcare Resource Centre SN

Private Home Daycare

Childcare Services – SN Daycare

Public Library SN

Children’s Safety Village of Brant

Rebels Jr. B. Lacrosse SN

Emily C. General

Santa Claus Parade

Grand River Gymmies

Six Nations Fire

Grand River Ironmen

Six Nations Foodbank

Hagersville Hawks

Six Nations Police

Health Foundation

Six Nations PWSA Ball

I.L. Thomas Home & School

Six Nations Skating Club

Indian Defense League Assoc.

Six Nations Veteran’s Association

Kaweniio/Gaweniyo Home & School

Stoneridge Children’s Centre

Knights of Columbus

West Haldimand General Hospital

Miles to Go

Woodland Cultural Centre Library

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