Six Nations Child & Family Services ready for Community Awareness Month

Six Nations Child & Family Services (SNCFS) is hosting a community scavenger hunt for this year’s Community Awareness Month. According to its Facebook page, SNCFS has four locations in the community marked with posters from its departments and is asking you to find them.

“Find all four spots in the community and take a selfie at each spot,” said SNCFS. “Once you find all four posters, complete the survey and submit via Facebook’s direct messaging or comment section.”

SNCFS said families without Facebook can call the organization at 519-445-0230 to arrange a time to show they found all four spots and completed the survey.

Families will have from May 2 to May 25 to submit their entries to be entered into the draw.

“Good luck to everyone, we hope you have a fun time with your family and enjoy all the community awareness events for the month,” said SNCFS.

Here are some clues as to the posters’ whereabouts:

– The Band representatives unit is somewhere around the blue track.
– The Family Support unit is somewhere in Six Nations Veterans’ Memorial Park.
– The Clinical Services unit is somewhere near the ball diamonds
– The Primary Prevention unit is somewhere near Child and Family Services.

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