SN Marketplace the one stop shop for … everything

SIX NATIONS – The Six Nations Marketplace is now open for business — your own personal businesses to be exact.

The marketplace is a large open space in the Oneida Business Park building on 50 Generations Drive, divided into many small booths and the business celebrated its grand opening last Saturday, December 2.

The indoor market will be set up as a small business incubator providing low-cost storefront space and technical assistance services to members of the Six Nations community. It will run three days a week, eight hours per day, all year long, manned by one to two cashiers, to give small business owners more time to keep up their family lives and work commitments. If vendors wish, they are also welcome to stay at the market to tend to their stall during opening hours.

“I had looked up some studies to see what kinds of businesses would most benefit the reserve and one of the top answers was a Wal-Mart,” said John General, owner of the marketplace. “I wanted our own community to be able to do the same thing Wal-Mart could do, without having to actually get a Wal-Mart.”

General said the marketplace is an opportunity for small business owners to either get themselves noticed or continue to flourish if already doing so.
“We want to help by giving a voice and vehicle to our talented artists to get in the entrepreneurial mindset and become small business owners and to get their name out, grow their businesses, and receive the recognition they deserve.”

General said the business is very supported by his family and that he is doing this mainly for his Fiancé Milissa Sandy and their five-month old baby Bryson.

“My inspiration is my son, Bryson,” he said. “It’s all family that is on the team right now and they are all doing such a great job,” said General.

The indoor market accepts cash, credit and debit cards, has a security system in place, an experience sales staff, and more.

The marketplace still has space for vendors and applications can be picked up and dropped off at the Six Nations Marketplace at 50 Generations Drive.

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