Take Back the Night

BRANTFORD – About 65 women and men took part in the Take Back the Night walk last week in Brantford.

Take Back The Night is a walk to and stand up and bring attention to crimes against women and to help end sexual violence in all of its forms including sexual assault, sexual abuse, dating violence domestic violence and violence against children.

The event included a performance by the Healing and Wellness Women’s Drum Group from Brantford Native Housing who sang a gathering song and the strong woman song.

This song originated in the “dungeons” of the prison for women in Kingston, Ontario. A cold place filled with sexual violence and torment.

According to the group, they made this song so they could be strong,  and for courage.

“This song was made by women who cared about each other,” said Norman TG Hill who participated in the walk for the first time.

“I must say, this was a very powerful song to hear,” he says.

“It moved me to tears thinking of the hurting woman and children in the world. It was a very eye opening experience to attend.”

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