Tests on Kearns disintegrator set to begin

SIX NATIONS – Testing is about to begin on the Kearns waste disintegrator unit at the Six Nations landfill. Six Nations Elected Band Council has released a statement about the test schedule of the machine, which has been shut down since August, following protests by some local residents who fear toxic emissions from the system.

The release explains that the SNEC supports and promotes recycling but realizes that not all items are recyclable, which would still require some other alternative to landfill. Kearns claims his system is also capable of remediating the existing overloaded landfill pits which are leaching contaminants into the ground and aquifers as well as releasing toxic methane into the air.

A demonstration model of the patented Kearns disintegrator system has been installed at the landfill, and to satisfy those who have misgivings about it, Kearns International and the Six Nations Elected Council have set up a schedule that would see the demonstration model tested for air quality emissions before the final sales agreement is consummated.

The first week of October, contractors and staff from Kearns International of Nova Scotia, came and checked the dormant machine for weather damage and to remove the oil burner for repair.

This week, cleaning and general maintenance work is being done to ensure the equipment is safe for start and operation.

The week of October 12-18, a temporary weather enclosure is being built around the machine to protect it as the fall weather sets in. Also, garbage will be stockpiled in the bins at the site in preparation for the tests with residents being asked to drop off their household waste in these bins, as they did before.

Pre-tests are to begin the week of October 19-25 and final fine tuning adjustments are to be made, with the further tests by Kearns International set to begin the week of October 26-31.

Once everything is fine tuned and ready to go, the actual testing conducted by RWDI AIR INC consulting Engineers and Scientists are scheduled to begin the week of Nov. 2-7 with results of the test published soon after that.

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