Theatre group seeks partnership with Six Nations

OHSWEKEN – Brant Theatre Workshops, a training and performing arts centre for actors in Brantford, is seeking a partnership, including practise space, with Six Nations in hopes of extending the centre’s reach of influence.

“We have a few new projects in the works and we’re asking for a space we could use here on Six Nations to practise in, as well as a donation of $5,000 to pay the kids,” said Cheyenne Williams, a representative from the centre who came to last week’s elected council meeting to ask for a letter of intent. “We want to extend our reach from Brantford to Six Nations.”

Williams said that while it does exist, the performing arts scene here on the territory is not as booming as it could be and that the team at the centre wants to bring more of an art scene here.

“Having a centre in Brantford and a space to practise here would be a great way to boost the art scene here,” said Williams.

The group wouldn’t need the space or donation until early January, but Williams came to elected council to ask that council members consider writing a letter of intent, which would signify that elected council intends to donate the funds and space if the funds can be found somewhere within the budget closer to the time it is needed.

“We definitely don’t have $5,000 in the budget right now for this,” said Councillor Roger Jonathan. “If we can find it somewhere by January, then we can probably do it.”

Williams and elected council tossed around a few ideas as to what space might be available for the group to practise in, but couldn’t decide for sure what might be available come January.

“We can write you the letter of intent,” said Elected Chief Ava Hill. “But we’ll finalize the details of what space you can use after we look into it more, at this point we’re just not sure what space would be available in January.”

Hill asked Williams to continue seeking out different locations that might be available to use; the community hall and the G.R.E.A.T. building were mentioned as options to consider.

The group would need the space for 10 weeks; once a week for two to four hours per meeting. As long as elected council agrees to the letter of intent, they wouldn’t need the donation of $5,000 until closer to January; Williams just wanted to know if elected council was on board.

“As long as we get the letter of intent, then we can move forward,” said Williams.

Elected council said that they would offer Brant Theatre Workshops a letter of intent to support their cause.

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