TikTok Canada and National Screen Institute help out Indigenous Creators

TORONTO — Thirty Indigenous content creators have been selected for the first TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators – a new online training program designed to empower storytellers to grow their TikTok presence and learn the necessary skills for on-platform success and beyond.

Applications were received from 12 provinces and territories. The selected participants were chosen by an independent jury comprised of screen industry professionals and Indigenous TikTok creators with input from TikTok Canada.

The TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators, presented by the National Screen Institute, is an online program providing customized, skills-based education sessions, hands-on exercises and connections with professional industry experts and peers. The curriculum is designed with traditional elements.

“We have so many untold stories that are waiting to be shared,” said program advisor Sherry Mckay. “Because there are teachings in each story, my hopes are that these creators will gain the technical skills and knowledge to not only tell their stories but inspire others to do so as well.”

The selected participants are:

The TikTok Accelerator for Indigenous Creators is hosted by advisor and Indigenous content creator Sherry Mckay (@sherry.mckay), advisor Justina Neepin (@justinaneepin), and program managers Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill and Cheyenne Bruneau. Under their guidance and expert knowledge from presenters such as Celina Myers (@celinaspookyboo), Brett Mooswa (@brettstoise), Jayroy Makokis (@jayroymakokis), Fawn Wood (@fawn.wood) and Duece Moto (@hoodoo_manystrikes), participants will each create a robust marketing plan and develop a series of videos to set them on the path to success.

Program sessions will include navigating TikTok, technical training, media career building and social responsibility and digital wellness. The program will begin with a sharing circle led by Elder Allen Sutherland. Online classes start on November 8.

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