Timbuck’s dream taking flight

SIX NATIONS – Sue Martin and the team behind this year’s Golf Fore Timbuck tournament distributed cheques last week with the money raised from the event to families dealing with lung and respiratory related medical issues.

The golf tournament was started a year and a half after Sue’s husband, Timbuck, passed from lymphoma. Before he was diagnosed with cancer Timbuck had successfully completed a double-lung transplant in 2014.

Back left to right: Claidi General, Vivien Bomberry, Sue Martin. Front: Jessica Henhawk. Submitted photo
From left to right: Vivien Bomberry, Sue Martin, Katie Gasparelli (Breathe Easy, Health Services), Claidi General. Photo by Jayson Koblun

“Timbuck was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) in 2011 and was given five years to live if he didn’t receive a double-lung transplant,” said Sue. “He ended up having the transplant in 2014, after only being on the wait list for maybe seven weeks.”

Sue said that the recovery process of surgery as extensive as this is very overwhelming as well as expensive.
“When it came to travel costs, overnight stays and everything else, it all adds up. And it’s not like the regular bills go away either, those payments are all still due.”

The tournament committee took the money raised and found community members who are going through similar experiences and donated money to them in hopes of easing some of the financial burdens they are, or may be facing soon.

Mike and Audrey Player received a cheque for their 14-year-old daughter Jadyn. Mike said that they will find an organization to donate the money to, or another place where the money can be well-used. “It’s such a great feeling,” said Mike. “Knowing that there are other people out there who care is so encouraging.”

Jadyn was born with Down Syndrome and has endured many health complications her entire life. She was born with a club foot that required surgery to correct shortly after birth. Jadyn was diagnosed with an eating disorder called Pica at a very young age and was also diagnosed as having ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Shortly after Jadyn’s birth, a large hole was discovered in her heart and she was referred to SickKids hospital in Toronto to address her heart condition. The large hole in her heart was repaired with open heart surgery when Jadyn was only two and a half years old. During successive return trips to SickKids and follow-up visits, it was determined that Jadyn had a very serious and usually fatal disease in children known as Pulmonary Hypertension.  Jadyn has been fighting this terrible disease nearly her entire life and has become a frequent visitor to SickKids for the past 13 years. Jadyn has battled so many things her entire life and continues to smile in the face of adversity every day.

Sue also gave a cheque to Breathe Easy, a group with Six Nations Health Services that community members with respiratory issues. Katie Gasparelli was present to receive the donation.

Jessica Henhawk also received a donation from the committee. She underwent a double-lung transplant in September and was given the same diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that Timbuck had.

Lastly, the family of Beverley Thomas received a donation in her memory. Beverley was originally meant to receive the donation but recently passed. Her family; Erin Thomas and Brandon Thomas received the donation.

Timbuck had a dream of helping people in the community who are going through similar things that he and his family went through.

“It’s so encouraging to see all this taking place,” said Sue. “This is what he wanted and we’re so excited to be able to help the community this way.”

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